Print & Print Production

When we create your design projects, from the first concepts through to finished designs, we take into account how the finished article will be printed; how many inks, how many colours, how the stock will affect your branding, how much it will cost to run special colours and effects – we take all these into account throughout the process.

Graphic Design

The core of our work

As one of Ghana’s leading Graphic Design agencies we recognize that only a fully integrated approach to marketing works. This is why we are as mindful of print as we are of digital.

We strive to ensure that our range of expertise and Graphic Design services spans all disciplines, so that everything we design for you works as well on a 9 inch smartphone screen as it would on a 4 metre high billboard.

Whether you need the services of a Design Agency to launch a new business venture or rebrand an established firm, our reputation and experience puts us right at the forefront of current trends and thinking, yet we insist on maintaining a solid position in the past.

We recognize that Graphic Design is about the strength of that point of contact with your audience; that split second where you have a chance to connect, to inspire and to enchant. This thinking reinforces every project we take on.

Our Design Team is Passionate, Committed and filled with enthusiasm for Design and Creativity. We do not imitate and we do not compromise. It’s why our customers keep on coming back to us again and again.

We hope to be able to share this passion with you.

Allow us to raise your expectations.

Some of our Graphic Design Works

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