10 Most Effective Graphic Design Tips For The Beginners

Branding Quote By : Alice Temperley

“You have to stay true to your heritage; that’s what your brand is about.”

Brand Creation:

Whether we are rebranding an established company, or creating a brand for a start-up, we seek a deep understanding of what makes you tick. We look at who you are, your goals, what you believe in and what message you want to communicate. With that knowledge we create the brand that is right for you and your business.

With many years experience across a multitude of sectors, from fashion to finance, healthcare to law, we assess, design and present with the minimum of fuss and then refine our work, to create a cohesive brand presence.

Corporate Identity:

Brand consistency is key to any corporate identity, from the simplest of business cards to a complex range of marketing materials.

After creating a brand and identifying the guidelines that define it, we apply these brand rules to your corporate identity, carrying the brand consistently through all design work, including printed materials and digital media.

We act as brand guardians for our clients, advising on how to maintain clarity through the simple application of brand style and rules.


Your logo is the most recognisable part of your business image. An effective logo is clear and appropriate; it is also contemporary and relevant to the market. A logo is often the first thing a customer becomes familiar with and, for a new business, the first impression a customer receives is crucial to how the business is perceived.

Established companies that have a long-standing tradition and heritage need to remain relevant and attractive to their customers. Having dealt with companies that pride themselves on decades or even centuries of success, we have the experience to incorporate contemporary relevance into a brand whilst respecting tradition and heritage.

Whether text or graphic, or a combination, we create logos that reflect and represent your company or business requirements.

Brand Management:

We care for your brand, maintaining clarity and consistency. If you have pre-existing brand rules, we will understand and apply them. We will ensure that all of our work for you encapsulates their unique quality, and maintains the highest standards.
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